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Retrofits, Control Systems

Typical pendant mounted arrangement housing Heidenhain screen, keyboard and machine operators panel.

Is your old control system keeping an otherwise good machine tool in the dark ages with its poor performance and expensive repairs?

Nutech Machinery Services can offer a solution to improve uptime and performance by retrofitting a new modern control system from any one of the leading control system manufacturers, such as Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens and Fagor.

The speed and performance of your machine can be further enhanced by the addition of a new motor and drive package interfaced together with replacement electrical switchgear.

High integrity software is written and tailored in order to marry the needs of the specific machine tool to the control system and installed to optimise performance without compromising safety.

The experience of Nutech Machinery Services extends from the retrofitting of basic 3-axis machines through to multi-axis machining centres including Automatic tool changers,pallet change systems and and rotary tables.